When can I grade, Sir?


So you’ve been training a while now at your current grade.  You’ve learned your new techniques.  You’ve missed a couple of classes here and there, but who doesn’t?  You can grade next time around, right?


We get asked about this all the time.

“When’s the next grading Ma’am?”, or

“Sir, I need to book time off for the next grading; when is it, because I’m due to grade, aren’t I?”   CRINGE!!!


General Choi, the founder of Taekwon-do wrote about humility, courtesy and integrity in his encyclopaedia. “Many students feel that their training is a commodity bought with monthly fees. An instructor can afford to lose this type of student.”


Don’t chase the belt folks…focus on the training, the repetition, the enjoyment of simply hitting the pads, and performing the fundamentals. You’re with us because you want to develop mental and physical strength in case the worst happens, in case you need to defend yourself.  The bloke in the street and the bully at school don’t care what colour your belt is – it’s the hours of drilling and practice that will pay off in the end, not the belt.


We have a helpful Grading Criteria Chart to guide you, and we publish grading dates for the entire year on the Calendar, so you can always plan ahead if you are hoping to be invited to test.


Focus on the training and not the fabric that holds your trousers up.


Don’t practice until you get it right.  Practice until you can’t get it wrong.  The rest will follow.