We have many events throughout the year – if you are a current member, please use this page to keep your diary up to date.

Colour Belt Gradings

11-16 March 2024

10-15 June 2024

9 -14 September 2024

9-14 December 2024

Green stripes and below will grade in their class during the week.

Green belts and above will attend the Saturday grading at Channel View Leisure Centre, at the end of the grading week.

Black Belt Training

Open to Black-Stripes and above:

Saturdays at Channel View Leisure Centre

10am-12pm, £12pp


20th January

3rd February

10th February

16th March

13th April

15th June

6th July

7th September

14th September

19th October

9th November

14th December



Black Belt Gradings

2nd March 2024

28th September 2024


NE Sport Gym, Argyle Way, Ely, CF5 5NJ


EMAP Championships

27th April 2024



Torbay Open

12th May 2024

Paignton, Devon


Open Welsh

22nd June 2024



Dragon Cup

13th July 2024




Special Training Days

Green, Blue and Red Belt Camp

Saturday 20th January

12pm-2pm, £12pp (book in advance)


Black Belt Presentation Banquet

March 2024, October 2024 TBC

Summer Camp

Summer Camp 2024

25th July – 29th July



Event Staff and Umpire Training

May 2024


Black Belt Taekwon-do Camps

Black Belt Weekend Away

3rd-5th May 2024