Grading Criteria – are you eligible?

18 Feb 2020

​It’s getting close to grading season, so here’s a helpful reminder on how grading invitations work… and we have some new members who haven’t been through the process before, so it’s important news for you guys.


The first criteria to be selected to grade, is whether or not you have attended enough classes. We have a 3 month lesson plan which means that we cover all aspects of the syllabus needed and if you haven’t missed a class, you should have covered all aspect within that period. The number of classes which you need to attend depends on your grade and age, and goes up with higher grades.


The second criteria is the minimum time period which you’ve been at your grade. Sometimes people get confused with this element of the criteria, and tell us, for example “but I haven’t graded for a year.” We remind them that the first criteria is how many sessions they’ve trained in. When they go back and look at that element, it usually makes sense as to why we can’t invite them yet.


The third criteria, is that you need to be in regular training in the 3 months prior to the grading.


Lastly, have you been invited by your instructor? They will only invite you if you have good skills, have made progress and improvement, and have a good attitude displaying the tenets: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance,  Self Control & Indomitable Spirit.


We have helpful summary charts here:


TOP TIP: enjoy the training primarily and don’t chase the belts; ensure that your focus is on how much effort you put into each class, and not the colour around your waist. The harder you work, the luckier you will get.