Once per week vs twice per week (or more!)

21 Feb 2021

Training: once per week vs. twice per week

At Cardiff Martial Arts, we want our core philosophy to be about building resilient people, who are physically and mentally tough and we are far less concerned about the colour belt they happen to be wearing.

However, we also understand that if you are a parent of one of our members, you want to “see” some progress and this is reflected in your child(ren) taking gradings and moving along within the system.

Hours put in = Skills taken out 

(and, incidentally, a new piece of coloured fabric to hold your trousers up!)

Students will grade when they are ready, and for once-per-weekers, this is a longer, and often much longer process; indeed, if a student who attends once-per-week misses a class, then they don’t actually attend for 2 whole weeks. That’s a lot of time away for drills and skills to be forgotten.

From our experience, the students who eventually lose interest are those that attend once per week – children become disheartened when they don’t grade yet, and they compare themselves to their friend (their friend who attends twice per week).

The purpose of this message is simple – we’d love your child(ren) to come twice per week; not only will they get far more enjoyment out of their training and build stronger bonds with their peers, you will be investing in their resilience…and incidentally, they will grade at more regular intervals since they will have mastered the skills we require of them.

Did you know, that to attend class twice per week does not cost double in training fees?…ask your instructor.

Please consider attending more often, we’d love to see you more frequently.

K McCabe