Class Changes for Meadowlane Primary School, Summer 2024


Meadowlane Primary School is having important building works during the 6 week summer holidays, so, we are temporarily moving classes nearby to Marshfield Village Hall CF3 2UB (it’s about a 5 minute drive from Meadowlane).


We will also be using a slightly condensed timetable, so please check your class times for this period.


Little Dragons (who usually attend at 4:05pm) 

Little Juniors (who usually attend at 4:45pm)


Juniors: Yellow Belts up to and including Blue Stripes


Blue Belts and above (all ages)

and all adults (even lower grade adults)


Our first date is Monday 22nd July.


NOTE: Monday 29th July is one of our elected closures based on our 48 week year. No classes that day.


If you attend once per week, you can come along to class on the Wednesday of that week.


Classes are due to return to Meadowlane Primary School on 2nd September, and also return to our usual timetable.