• side-back – yopdwi
  • self defence – hosin sul
  • red belt – signifies danger, cautioning the student to exercise control and warning the opponent to stay away.

Hand techniques:

  • upset fingertip thrust – dwijibun sonkut tulgi
  • backfist side-back strike – dung joomuk yopdwi taerigi
  • twin side elbow thrust – sang yop palkup tulgi
  • w-shape block – san makgi
  • double forearm pushing block – doo palmok miro makgi
  • flat fingertip thrust – opun sonkut tulgi
  • knifehand guarding low block – sonkal daebi najundae makgi

Pattern information:

  • Toi-Gye – 37 movements
  • Toi-Gye is the pen name of the noted scholar Yi Hwang (16th century), an authority on neo Confucianism. The 37 movements of the pattern refer to his birthplace on the 37th degree latitude, and the diagram represents ‘scholar’.

Helpful videos: