Let’s celebrate what we have together and make this short lockdown work for everyone!  Your classes will run on ZOOM:

If you haven’t used Zoom before, you will need go to the Zoom website (www.zoom.us) or download the app to your device.  Here’s how you would access the class:

1) You would choose to JOIN a meeting and input the MEETING ID

2) You then choose your name – everyone else in the class will see this and we would like you to use your FIRST NAME ONLY (i.e. the first name of the student who is participating)

3) You will then be asked for the meeting PASSWORD which is case sensitive.

4) You will then be in a WAITING AREA and the instructor will be notified that you asked to  join the room, and they will grant you access.

We have some procedures and rules which MUST be followed:

1) You MUST wear your Taekwon-do / Kickboxing uniform.

2) You MUST NOT record the class, or take screen shots of it.

3) Your screen name MUST BE your first name only.

4) Under 18s CANNOT take part in the class UNLESS there is an adult/carer with them. Instructors may ask to see this supervising adult.

5) In the case of the youngest members (under 10s) instructors will often ask the supervising adult to join in, by holding a cushion for example, for the children to punch/ kick within our class exercises.

6) You MUST arrive early – if you arrive late, the instructor may not not allow you entry as they will be busy teaching the class.

7) Your microphones should be off to prevent background noise from echoing across all other users’ screens

8) If possible, we would like to be able to see participating students from top to toe (we understand that this may not be possible due to space restrictions)

9) A well-lit room will make it easier for us to see and correct you – don’t stand in front of a window, as this will make you look like a silhouette

10) Zoom will have access to your IP address and you may wish to read their privacy policy which is available on their website: www.zoom.us

11) For your specific log in details check your emails from your instructor and the private facebook group which is relevant to your club/instructor.